Fuel Saving Tips: Drivers Urged To Use Little Known Fuel Saving Techniques

With gasoline and diesel prices staying high, many drivers will be looking to save some money. With that in mind, an expert has told Express.co.uk about several fuel-saving tips that drivers might not consider.

These include things like using cruise control or receiving groceries instead of driving to the grocery store.

Dorry Potter, expert in cars and junk for domestic scrap carhe said: “Use cruise control on long trips, like on the way to your stay.

“Drivers should think of their accelerator pedal as a fuel tap and with every push you lose fuel.

“Using cruise control, you can stay at a constant speed without the need to keep your foot on the pedal.

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“Check your routes before leaving home. Idling in traffic will not only be frustrating and cause excessive fuel consumption, it will also cause your engine to run hot!”

The expert continued: “Find a route with less traffic or no roadworks, and turn on live route updates, this means your satnav will automatically update your route to the one with less traffic without you having to check if there have been any. . incidents since he left!

“Something that many don’t consider is opting for grocery delivery instead of going yourself, obviously this saves you from having to drive to the store so you use less fuel and for many the trip to a supermarket is short which means there will be a high number of starts and stops.

“And lastly, remove all excess weight from the car, if you don’t regularly use a child seat in your car during the week, remove it.

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The expert said: “Although this increases the weight in the car and fuel consumption, if you can share the car with other people and then take turns, you will share the cost of fuel between a group instead of several people.”

Ms Potter also pointed out that drivers should change their driving style.

She said: “Rapid increases in speed and general erratic driving burn a lot more fuel and significantly reduce your MPG.

“Compliance with the speed limit, drive in the correct gears, avoid sudden braking, etc.

“Driving 80 mph on the freeway instead of 70 is not only illegal, but it will cause you to burn 25 percent more fuel due to the car’s resistance to the wind.

“Making small changes in your driving habits will allow you to see a reduction in fuel consumption in the long term, if not immediately.

“Avoid making small trips or find another means of transportation.

“If you’re someone who goes to the shops two minutes ahead, consider bundling shorter trips together or walking instead.”

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