Fuel saving tips: Drivers urged to use little-known button to reduce fuel consumption

Many motorists have been looking for and using fuel saving techniques to lower their bills after months of rising gasoline and diesel prices. But now, drivers are being told that they can dramatically reduce their fuel consumption simply by pressing a button seen on most cars.

Motorists stunned by a fuel-saving hack popularized by TikTok user “megan’s bubble”.

She questioned whether they had all made use of the tip, saying, “I bet you didn’t know what this car button is actually used for.”

The driver points to the air recirculation button, which is represented by a car with an arrow inside.

She explains: “Essentially, what it’s going to do for you, it means you’re recirculating the air inside the car.

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He said not knowing about the button could mean drivers are seeing more expensive bills.

He said: “If you don’t know what the recirculation button does and you’ve been using the air conditioning to try to cool down passengers in the back seat, you’ve missed a trick and you’re paying for it,” he said. Mirror.

The RAC says that the use of air conditioning, especially when driving in warmer weather, can increase a car’s fuel economy.

He added that drivers shouldn’t use air conditioning unless they “really have to.”

When driving down the highway with the windows open, the car experiences much more resistance, which makes the vehicle work harder to move forward.

The less drag the car has, the further the fuel will travel.

No matter where a person drives, the air conditioner will always use a lot of energy, which will affect fuel economy.

Bosdet added: “It’s possible that on longer trips and faster roads, the air vents will generate enough airflow for the car to remain comfortable after the air conditioning has done its initial job and can be turned off.”

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