Fuel saving tips: Drivers urged to use ‘key trick’ to save money on fuel

Fuel costs are at record highs and drivers are expected to pay 183.16 pence for a liter of petrol and 188.82 pence for a liter of diesel. Some petrol stations across the UK have even been seen selling petrol for over £2. With that in mind, motoring experts have come up with a ‘key trick’ that motorists can use to save fuel and, in turn, money. .

The cost of filling up an average 55-litre family car topped £100 earlier this week.

This is because petrol and diesel prices rose by more than seven pence in seven days.

According to the latest fuel report from the RAC, a liter of diesel will cost drivers 188.82 pence, while a liter of petrol will cost 183.16 pence.

With that in mind, the AA’s motoring experts have urged drivers to “walk or bike to save money.”

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“As things are, drivers will surely not be able to cope unless something is done to help.

“This is fast becoming a national crisis for the country’s 32 million car drivers, as well as countless businesses.”

Williams added: “While fuel prices have been setting new records on a daily basis, households across the country may never have expected to see the cost of filling up an average-size family car hit triple figures.

“March’s 5 pence fuel tax cut now looks insignificant as wholesale petrol costs have already risen five times that amount since March.”

“It is becoming clearer every day that the government must take more action to reduce the huge financial burden on drivers.”

The expert continued: “The government must recognize that the 5p tax cut is a drop in the ocean and more must be done now to support drivers who feel the pain every time they go to fill up their cars.

“It should also not be forgotten that as fuel prices continue to rise, so does the amount the government earns in VAT.

“The 5 pence the chancellor gave away in his tax cut in March has already been replaced by the extra 5 pence he is now earning in extra VAT following the invasion of Ukraine just a month earlier.

“A temporary VAT cut on fuel, or a deeper tax cut, is certainly what is needed now.”

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