Fuel saving tips: Drivers urged to push a simple button to reduce fuel consumption

As fuel prices remain high, motorists have been urged to follow a simple tip to save money on gasoline and diesel. According to the latest RAC Fuel Watch, UK drivers can expect to pay an average of 169.33 pence per liter for unleaded petrol and 183.49 pence per liter for diesel.

Now, experts have reminded motorists that pressing the air conditioning button to turn it off can make a considerable difference when it comes to saving money on gas and diesel.

While there are several fuel-saving tricks drivers can follow, turning off the air conditioning can reduce fuel consumption by 10 percent.

Tom Hixon, Head of Instructor Support Bill Plant Driving Schoolspoke to Express.co.uk about the different ways drivers can save money on unleaded petrol and diesel.

He said: “There are several ways to save fuel when driving. First of all, not stalling with the engine running and having efficient clutch control are common and effective recommendations.

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However, motorists shouldn’t rely too heavily on dashboard displays, according to research from AAA.

The display that shows the number of miles a vehicle travels per gallon and the range value can often be incorrect.

AAA said estimates can vary significantly on shorter trips or depend on the consistency of things that affect fuel economy, like speed and acceleration.

The vehicle test, based on a series of simulated driving scenarios, was conducted by AAA in collaboration with the Automotive Research Center of the Automobile Club of Southern California.

On average, the fuel economy display of the vehicles tested showed a relatively low error of 2.3 percent compared to the fuel economy measured in laboratory tests.

However, individual vehicle errors varied widely, suggesting that each vehicle reacted to changes in driving differently and that accuracy may be affected by driving style and conditions.

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