Fuel saving tips: Drivers urged to move away from diesel if they want to save money

The cost of petrol and diesel is continually rising in the UK with motorists now being forced to pay upwards of £2 for a liter of fuel in some places. However, owners of diesel cars have to pay much more compared to drivers who own alternatives to gasoline.

The latest RAC Fuel Watch shows that motorists across the UK will have to pay an average of 183.16 pence per liter for petrol.

Diesel drivers, on the other hand, will be forced to shell out a whopping 188.82 pence.

For years, diesel was a cost-effective alternative to gasoline.

It had a cheaper cost per liter and higher mileage compensation.

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“It is clear that the UK has set its sights on the electric vehicle market, significantly reducing demand for petrol and diesel engines many years before the 2030 ban.”

Online car marketplace Motorway has also seen a surge in the number of motorists looking to sell their petrol and diesel cars as fuel prices hit record highs.

In the past month alone, sales of diesel cars on the online used car marketplace are up 19 percent as car owners fear prices at gas stations will continue to rise.

Motorway data showed that the highest volume of sales inquiries came from commuter areas around major cities.

This suggests that those who are frequent car users are considering ditching their petrol and diesel cars in favor of electric ones, or downsizing their vehicles.

The highest levels of feedback requests come from drivers of SUVs and cars with larger engines.

These are typically the least affordable cars at a time when running costs are rising almost daily.

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