Fuel Saving Tips: Drivers Urged to Follow Simple Fuel Saving Techniques to Save Money

The latest RAC Fuel Watch shows that motorists will have to pay 187.19 pence per liter for petrol and 195.88 pence per liter for diesel. And, although the forecast predicts that both prices should continue to fall, it could take a while for British motorists to notice a considerable difference.

According to research conducted by chooseMyCar.com76 percent of drivers agreed that they are now more likely to use hypermiling techniques.

However, chooseMyCar.com founder Nick Zapolski said drivers should do their research before using any fuel-saving methods.

He said: “While hypermiling may be good for our pocketbooks, some techniques are not good for our safety or that of our car.”

With that in mind, the experts at ChooseMyCar.com have come up with some of the most proven fuel-saving techniques drivers should follow.

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comply with the speed limit

Most of the time, safe driving means saving fuel. The faster you travel, the more fuel you use. That doesn’t mean you should be driving 30 mph on a freeway.

But consider the fact that statistically most cars will be most efficient around 56 mph. For every 5 to 10 mph you slow down, you can look to gain between seven and 14 percent in your fuel economy.

This means that if you’re one of those people on the freeway stumbling around at 77 mph (because you think that means you won’t get caught speeding), you’re wasting more fuel than the person next to you traveling at the speed limit. . Truth be told, it pays to stick to the law!

get out of the car

Drive to the stores to buy milk? Do you need to pick up the children from school? Are you one of those people who always opts for the car because it is easier? Well, a great way to save money on fuel is to stop using your car.

Alternatively, why not opt ​​for public transport? You’ll be amazed at how much fuel you can save by replacing your car with the bus or train. Maybe you live near a colleague, the two of you could commute to work together and cut your fuel costs literally in half!

Find the most efficient car

It could be an electric one or maybe a hybrid vehicle. But the truth is that they are an expensive purchase. Make your fuel work for the current car you have. Use our advice, drive safely, slowly and do not step on the pedals. If times really get tough, leave the car at home and enjoy some fresh air.

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