Fuel Saving Tips: Drivers Urged To Follow Little-Known Tips To Save Money

The cost-of-living crisis combined with gasoline and diesel prices remaining high means motorists are likely to look for easy ways to save money whenever they can. According to the latest RAC Fuel Watch, drivers across the UK can expect to pay an average of 172.30 pence per liter for unleaded petrol and 183.32 pence per liter for diesel.

While the forecast predicts that both prices will fall, it may still be a while before motorists feel much of a difference.

With that in mind, motoring experts have come up with tips that drivers can use to not only save money on fuel but also on the costs of running their car.

According to Nerd Wallet, the average Briton spends £3,406.80 on their car each year and with petrol prices all over the place, this figure is likely to rise.

To help motorists cut costs, the experts at Peter Vardy have revealed seven changes drivers can make to save £1,400.42 this year.

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6. Avoid paying premium fuels for standard cars – save £179.14 per year:

Retailers often claim that premium fuel offers performance and economic advantages and can even protect the engine.

In reality, unless they are driving a high-performance vehicle, drivers are unlikely to see much of an improvement, but they will pay an average of 10 pence more per liter. By sticking to the lead-free standard, drivers can save £138.32 per year.

7. Paying road tax annually instead of monthly saves up to £29:

While it may be easier to spread the cost of road tax, it ends up costing more in the long run. Saving up to pay it in a lump sum can save drivers £29 per year.

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