Fuel Saving Tips: Drivers Urged To Follow Little-Known Fuel Additive Trick To Cut Costs

Experts have urged drivers to take a number of necessary steps to reduce emissions from their cars and, in turn, save a considerable amount of money on gasoline and diesel. Using a cleaning agent as cars age could be a great way to protect the environment and drivers’ wallets.

The latest RAC Fuel Watch indicates that motorists will have to pay 167.22 pence per liter for unleaded petrol and 182.49 pence per liter for diesel.

With that in mind, experts in GoShorty have urged drivers to follow a few simple tips to ensure their cars are as fuel efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. These are…

Use of a cleaning agent:

As cars get older and are used more, deposits from harmful emissions can begin to build up in the engine and exhaust.

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However, if that is the case, drivers should simply turn off their engines when stuck in traffic.

According to the RAC, idling for even 10 seconds wastes more fuel and causes more emissions than simply restarting the car.

Change the oil regularly:

This is such a simple maintenance task, and yet easy to forget.

Motor oil is the fluid that lubricates, cleans and cools to prevent wear and damage to the car.

If left unmodified, it can cause the vehicle to run inefficiently, leading to more emissions and eventually breakdowns.

Motorists should check the specific oil maintenance needs of their vehicles and make sure they are using the correct grade of oil.

Reduction of unnecessary trips by car:

This may seem pretty obvious, but a car left in the driveway emits nothing.

If drivers have to use their cars, they should carefully consider the trip to make sure they don’t have to make multiple trips.

Or better yet, if walking or biking is an option, they should choose that.

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