Fuel saving tips: Drivers are told to make three simple changes to cut fuel consumption by 10%

RAC Fuel Watch shows that unleaded gasoline, diesel and super are falling in price, although still near record levels. Despite this, many drivers are still looking for alternative options to increase their fuel efficiency and lower their costs.

The most recent data from the car organization shows that a liter of unleaded petrol costs 185.05 pence, while diesel drops massively to just 194.30 pence.

Drivers using super unleaded gasoline will also see a massive drop in price upon reaching the concourses.

On average it now costs 197.67 pence a liter for super unleaded, a far cry from petrol levels seen earlier this month when prices were above £2 a litre.

Howard, a driving instructor at How 2 Drive, urged motorists to take three simple steps to improve their fuel economy.

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check weight

Howard also highlighted the impact weight has on the car.

He said: “Just check what’s in your boot because if you’re carrying extra weight, that’s going to slow you down and cost you more fuel.

“If you have a roof rack, remove the roof racks because that will only create drag.

“With your tires, inflate your tires to the recommended tire pressures because that will make you more fuel efficient.”

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