Fuel saving tips: Drivers are told that leaving the car in certain places can increase fuel consumption

This is because vehicles that get very hot will require more ventilation with air conditioning and therefore burn more fuel.

All motorists know the pain of leaving their vehicle in direct sunlight and then returning to it.

The heat, especially in summer, can be very intense.

However, drivers have now been told that this can be avoided by parking in the shade.

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“In the hypermiling community, you go to great lengths not to use the car in the first place.

“The easiest way to save 100 percent of your fuel is to not use fuel in the first place.”

A recent survey of 2,000 motorists, carried out by OnePoll, found that if the cost of fuel were anywhere near £2, most Britons would consider changing the way they drive.

Nearly a quarter said that if both gasoline and diesel hit that mark, they would seriously consider a switch.

Four in 10 also said they would support a reduction in the speed limit, from 70 mph to 60 mph, as a way to save fuel.

However, Dyson warned that drivers should be careful when practicing fuel-saving techniques.

The expert said: “People shouldn’t put themselves at risk when hypermiling.

“It has to be done safely within road conditions and it has to be a safer way to drive as you know the road and traffic conditions and use them to your advantage.

“The key is to be sensible, for many people hypermiling should just be common sense and many people already do it without knowing it – treating every drop of fuel as if it were your last is a great way to really focus on maintaining efficiency.”

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