Fuel-saving tips: Drivers are being told to use eggs to save money on gas and diesel this fall

As temperatures drop and the cost of living rises, motorists across the UK will do everything in their power to save money wherever they can. While there are several fuel-saving tips drivers can follow, smooth driving and slow acceleration seem to be the ones that could make the biggest difference. As of now, fuel prices remain quite high with motorists expected to pay an average of 162.32 pence per liter for unleaded petrol and 180.45 pence per liter for diesel.

With that in mind, experts in AutoFinanzas247 provided some important advice for motorists to follow in the coming months.

One of those tips includes imagining that there is an egg between the floor and the gas pedal.

Experts said: “If you didn’t know that harsh acceleration or harsh driving meant an engine would use more fuel, now you do.

“Which means there’s no excuse not to drive like a saint. And to do that, it helps to imagine there’s an egg between your foot and the accelerator; pressing the accelerator pedal too hard will break the egg.”

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Roof racks increase fuel consumption

Anyone who wants to reduce their fuel bills should get their car in order. Roof racks, luggage boxes and bike racks can increase fuel consumption by up to 25 percent, studies show.

Experts said: “The average distance traveled by UK drivers is 7,900 miles a year. That means a popular family hatchback like the Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI SE should have an annual diesel bill of £604.”

That could rise to £755 though, just because your driver didn’t bother to unbuckle the roof rack.”

Look ahead and obey the speed limit

By reading the road and looking ahead, drivers can anticipate the ebb and flow of traffic.

This should allow them to maintain momentum which is much more fuel efficient than constantly stopping and starting.

And finally, drivers must stick to speed limits – these are set for the safety of all road users.

Experts added: “Approach the M25 at 80mph and you can be a few minutes earlier. The downside is you’ll feel stressed, you’ll have used more fuel and you could have been caught on a speed camera.”

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