Fuel saving tips: Common petrol station mistake raises fuel costs by £179

Drivers have been warned about a common mistake at petrol stations that can increase costs by £179. Thousands of motorists across the UK will be looking to save money in the coming months with fuel prices remaining high. The latest RAC Fuel Watch indicates that drivers will have to pay 162.32 pence per liter for unleaded petrol and 180.45 pence per liter for diesel on average.

With that in mind, the experts at one of the UK’s leading price comparison websites Quotezone.co.ukhave offered car owners advice on how to make their fuel go further with simple adjustments to their driving habits.

With fuel prices and living costs at record levels, households are looking to lower their monthly expenses and improving fuel efficiency is a good way to help stretch the budget.

Experts said: “Obviously motorists are advised to avoid expensive petrol stations and shop around for the cheapest prices, for example it may be more cost effective to fill up at an independent retailer, so better check online for the cheapest locations.” nearby before”. leave and include them as part of an upcoming trip before the fuel level drops.

They added that drivers should not choose premium fuel over standard. Retailers often claim that premium fuel offers performance and economic advantages and can even protect the engine.

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“In addition to choosing the cheapest petrol station and the right speed, there are other simple tricks that can help you get more out of your fuel, like clearing out the trunk and checking tire pressure.”

Eliminate excess weight

The heavier the car, the more the engine has to work, which translates into higher fuel consumption. Drivers should make sure to tidy up their car and clear the trunk to shed some weight.

regular maintenance

Keeping the car in good condition ensures that the vehicle runs efficiently, which also helps save fuel.

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Change gear as soon as possible

Shifting into the highest gear possible keeps the revs low, which saves gas.

For example, at a speed of 40 mph, the car will consume 25 percent more fuel in third gear compared to fifth.

Under normal conditions, the gears should be changed when the revolutions are between 1500 and 2000 rpm.

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