Fuel-saving tips: A simple drive-thru tip could save you 20 percent on gas

Test drive experts have detailed the advice among a host of other methods to save money on gas. They claim Britons will “use less fuel” by rolling up the windows at certain speeds, even during a heat wave. The Driving Test Success TikTok account said: “Avoid rolling down the windows (at higher speeds).

“Despite popular belief, if you’re traveling at higher speeds, wind resistance can cost more in fuel than air conditioning.”

It’s been a long-running debate whether keeping the windows down or up is better for saving fuel.

Turning the air conditioner on full blast wastes fuel. What’s more, the warmer the weather, the more fuel is wasted, as cars work harder to lower the air temperature.

But the drag caused by keeping the windows open also wastes fuel. So what should drivers do?

A general rule of thumb is to roll up the windows and rely on the air conditioning if you’re traveling 45 mph or higher.

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Other ways to save fuel

Make sure your tires are inflated at all times

Tires that are not under-inflated create more friction with the road and therefore use more fuel.

Free up trunk space (other than emergency parts)

Every extra 50 kg can increase fuel consumption by two percent.

Shift gears quickly when you accelerate

The car will consume less fuel when the rev RPM is kept low.

Plan your trip ahead of time

Stop-start traffic puts a lot of pressure on the engine and burns a lot of fuel.

Another driver caused debate recently when he claimed to have found a “fuel trick” that could save drivers money.

They claimed that gas pumps are ripping off road users with “aerated fuel”, and recommended the use of a funnel as a “fuel trick”.

The road user claimed that there is air in their gasoline, which means drivers are being charged for more gasoline than they are using.

He said, “It’s almost like you pay for eight gallons but give six to seven.”

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