Fuel Saving Tip: Drivers Warned About Common Car Button That Increases Fuel Consumption

The Office for National Statistics found that 77 per cent of Britons were concerned about the rising cost of living, with petrol and diesel prices being a particular concern for many. As a result, many have been trying to cut their costs by using fuel saving tips and changing their driving habits to drastically reduce fuel consumption.

Cruise control is a common feature of most modern automobiles and can greatly help increase the vehicle’s fuel economy.

However, drivers are cautioned that cruise control will only contribute to fuel efficiency when driving on a constant flat surface.

This is why it is usually best reserved for highway driving.

One of the best ways to save fuel is to drive at a constant speed, which is made easier with cruise control.

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Recent government vehicle licensing statistics revealed that the Ford Fiesta (average 30 mpg) was the most popular car in the UK, with 1.49 million currently on British roads.

Drivers can expect to see a Ford Fiesta travel up to 350 miles on £100 worth of fuel today, but 30 years ago £100 would have allowed them to travel five times the distance (1,650 miles).

The data from choose my carfound that drivers in 1992 would have been able to travel from Glasgow to Rome on £100 worth of fuel, as well as from Canterbury to the Ukraine.

Today £100 of fuel could get a driver from Bristol to Dublin or Leicester to Penzance.

Nicholas Zapolski, founder of ChooseMyCar, said: “At ChooseMyCar we believe that money should never get in the way of driving, whether it’s being able to buy a car or simply paying for gas to run it.

“With the cost of living continuing to rise, our research confirms that the expense of driving will be another financial strain for many of us across the country.

“For families looking to upgrade to a more fuel-efficient car, we recommend prioritizing certain car specs like tank capacity, average MPG and fuel cost per mile.

“Brands like Renault, Toyota and Hyundai are great producers of economy cars that are not only family favorites, but also great for mileage and low cost of operation.”

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