Fuel-saving tip: Drivers are urged to use a simple gas station trick to save hundreds a year

The latest data from RAC Fuel Watch shows that the average cost of petrol is 187.01 pence per litre. This is up nearly 2 pence since Sunday and a massive jump of over 56 pence from last year, when prices were just 130.69 pence.

Diesel is also on the rise, with drivers now paying an average of 193.30 pence per litre, and prices for all fuels are “likely to rise”.

Diesel is up three pence since Sunday and a whopping 60p increase since this time last year.

With average petrol and diesel prices continuing to rise steadily, experts warn that more pressure is piling on the UK economy.

Drivers can save hundreds of pounds a year by using a few tips to use at the service station.

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“Supermarkets sell such large quantities that operating costs are spread over higher volumes, making it cheaper to buy than at a brand-name service station.”

Motorists can also save hundreds of pounds a year by avoiding premium fuels, especially for standard cars.

Retailers often claim that premium fuel offers performance and economic advantages and can even protect the engine.

In reality, unless a motorist is driving a high-performance vehicle, they are unlikely to see much improvement.

The RAC has previously asked major UK supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons) to pass cost savings on to motorists where possible.

Motorists are also advised to use the correct specification of motor oil to improve efficiency.

Modern engines are built to finer tolerances and therefore require thinner oils, those with lower viscosity, which can also improve fuel economy by around three percent.

During a 50-mile trip, drivers could save 26 pence on an average diesel car.

Based on pre-pandemic levels, the average mileage in the UK was 7,090 miles each year, meaning drivers could save more than £35 just by making a simple change.

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