Fuel saving tip: Drivers are urged to avoid the gas station habit as prices could rise again

According to the RAC’s fuel watch, drivers face costs of 162.43 pence per liter of petrol, while diesel prices remain virtually stagnant at 180.28 pence. Experts have warned that prices could rise again.

Despite the drop in fuel costs, many drivers still use certain techniques and methods to reduce their fuel bills.

These habits apply to both your driving style and your routine at the gas station.

When it comes to filling the car’s tank, drivers will try to fill their tank to the nearest whole number.

By doing this they will wait for the pump to stop for the first time, but this may be wasting fuel.

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EPA regional administrator Donald Walsh urged drivers to avoid the practice when at the gas station.

He said: “The EPA and our partners are encouraging all drivers to stop filling up their gas tanks.

“Being exposed to gasoline vapors can increase health risks. And chemicals in gasoline vapor contribute to the formation of ozone air pollution.

This comes as experts warn drivers of possible price increases in the UK and around the world following a major decision to cut the amount of oil being exported.

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The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC+) will reduce production by two million barrels per day.

Experts say this will push oil and gas prices back up after a period of stability in which wholesale costs fell in recent weeks.

Reacting to the news, Simon Williams, fuel spokesman at the RAC, warned that prices may rise again.

He added: “Such a deep cut in oil production will inevitably cause oil prices to rise, driving up the wholesale cost of fuel.

“The question is when, and to what extent, do retailers choose to pass on these higher costs to their service stations?

“Despite three consecutive months of falling gas station prices, we believe that in many cases drivers are being charged more for refueling today than they should be based on average wholesale prices in recent weeks.

“If we see pump prices go up in the next two weeks, we’ll know that retailers are sticking to their strategy of making much more margin on every liter they sell than historically, to the dismay of drivers across the country. .

“We will be watching what retailers do when it comes to raising prices in the coming weeks.”

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