Flintshire: Cars Mistaken for Vans at Recycling Councils

CONCERN has been raised that flying tips could increase if municipal workers at Flintshire recycling councils continue to mistake cars for vans.

There have been several recent reports of this happening: Car owners were told they needed a permit to access recycling centers as council workers classified their vehicle as a van.

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Deeside resident Lynne Chick was one such resident who experienced car trouble.

Her husband and friend visited the Buckley recycling center earlier this week with their car, a Citroën Berlingo.

Library images of a recycling center and Citroen Berlingo.A Citroën Berlingo.

She said: “The man said we could tip what we had, but we couldn’t go back without a permit as we had a van – it’s very clear it’s a car, used to transport my disabled children.”

“I called the council and they said if it classifies as a van, it’s a van, so I can’t dump a mattress booked for Thursday without a permit.

“I was very distressed explaining that I have a car that is insured as such, then called back and got in touch with a lovely lady who was very helpful and apologetic.”

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Lynne is worried that other people will face similar problems and that this will lead to an increase in tips.

A refrigerator and other items were dumped in a dumpster at a cemetery where her 11-year-old daughter was buried.

“The dumpster is there to get rid of old flowers and things like that, not for someone to come along and dump a cooler,” he said.

“But if people are wrongly told that they need permits to access recycling centers, more and more things will be thrown away.”

Library images of a recycling center and Citroen Berlingo.

Flintshire council said: “A revised Vehicle Permitting Policy at Home Recycling Centers was introduced on 4th April. These changes were introduced to ensure the continued safety of our staff and residents and to ensure that businesses do not use recycling centers illegally to dispose of commercial waste.

“Our recycling centers are for the use of Flintshire residents to dispose of household waste and recycling only.

“Information on the new permitting criteria can be found on the council’s website, including the types of vehicles that will require a permit. We encourage Flintshire residents to review this policy before their visit to an HRC and if required clarity on whether permission is required for them to contact Streetscene on 01352 701234 or streetscene@flintshire.gov.uk.”

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