F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks

So which team have you gone to then on F1 manager 2022? Did he take the hard route by selecting a backmarker and work his way to the top of the grid, or did he take on the impossible by selecting Ferrari and mastering his abysmal strategic situations?

Whether you’ve stepped into the shoes of Wolff, Krack or SteinerTaking on the role of team manager has been an incredibly fun assignment over the past weekend and shows just how challenging it can be for those who actually work under that title.

F1 Manager 2022 - hints and tips guide
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 45

As for the game itself, we have found some tips and tricks to share with you that will help your experience as there is so much to play and experiment with.

From those annoying sliders to the little details, hopefully this will help earn those extra seconds per lap. If you have your own tips and tricks, why not consider leaving a comment below to help out your fellow Team Managers? Let’s get into it.

Now this doesn’t apply to some of the top teams in F1 Manager 2022 as they already have good stats, but replacing your second driver within a laggard team like Williams really does make a big difference.

I know it’s sad to say goodbye to the GOAT that is Latifi for a lower rated rider, but this helps tremendously in the long run. I know it’s painful, but this just has to be done.

F1 Manager 2022 - ditching Latifi
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It will take a few runs for them to catch up, but the growth potential they bring to your own development may overshadow your current lineup. For example, Lance Stroll’s growth potential is stated at 1.16, but a Formula 2 driver like Jack Doohan or Frederik Vesti can easily be within 1.50, meaning they will have better stats in the top 10. racing more or less.

Oh, and don’t think about replacing Stroll with Hulkenberg, as his growth potential is a measly 0.65 along with worse stats.

F1 Manager 2022 - Driver List
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 47

This may also come at the price of breaking a contract, but a lower salary for your new driver may provide a higher profit for your bottom line. I know it can be painful or break immersion, but sadly, it has to be done.

Use practice sessions

Squeezing every last potential lap time is key throughout a season, which is where practice sessions come in handy. It’s easy to let the AI ​​take care of this, but this comes at a costly price when it comes to setups and tire usage.

We’ll cover settings in the next post, but letting the AI ​​handle this can be a gamble, as it can range from a 30 percent to 90 percent confidence rating.

F1 Manager 2022: practice, don't pretend
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 48

You may have a plan for qualifying, while the AI ​​messes it all up by using every available soft tire and leaves you having to settle for a set of medium tires for Q1, not good.

Use this time to experiment with different strategies, pacing options, and setup discoveries, as it’s crucial to winning every last tenth. It’s called practice for a reason.

100% reliable settings

As for that pesky slider minigame that is settings, there’s an easy method to follow when it comes to achieving 100 percent confidence for both cars.

The more you play, the easier it becomes to understand, especially when you see the link between sliders and specific aero areas. Front wing angle connects to oversteer, rear wing settings connect to straight line speed, roll distribution connects to traction and camber, and tire toe are micro-adjustments to the overall setup.

F1 Manager 2022 Car Setup
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 49

What we would recommend is to align these parameters within the optimal blue area, send the drivers out for a practice run, and then call them back to the pits as soon as their feedback reaches 5 out of 5.

Once they have given their feedback, it can be adjusted based on the new optimal range and slowly modified until the range becomes smaller and smaller. You can easily do two runs within each practice session, with each run providing valuable feedback for setup.

F1 Manager 2022: Confidence of optimal settings
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 50

You’re looking for an optimal feedback rating on the right, which is the sweet spot for the specific setup. If you have an excellent rating, minimal adjustments are required. For good, a medium-sized change is required, while a bad rating requires big changes.

This feedback is only relevant to the previous output with that specific setting, so you might have a line outside the optimal area that claims it’s the best setting, but don’t confuse it with the current feedback if it says optimal.

We recommend changing these specific areas in order. Firstly, the angle of the rear wing changes the configuration of the straights. This is only affected by the wing settings, which means you won’t have to worry about it too much.

Second, adjust the front wing angle to set the level of oversteer required, but not too much to affect the straights, so you may need to adjust the rear wing angle if it’s outside the optimal area.

F1 Manager 2022: Bad Confidence in Settings
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 51

After this, change the anti-roll distribution to change the traction, since a click mainly affects this area and slightly affects the others. Then tire camber affects the rest with minimal adjustments. Be sure to keep an eye on oversteer and traction levels when adjusting this setting, as it may be outside of the optimal area.

Finally, toe-in affects cornering and braking stability areas, also providing minimal changes to these settings.

There is also another link that we have found specifically for traction. If you wanted to decrease it while leaving everything else, simply adjust the anti-roll distribution and tire camber to the left with a click, and the other way around if you need to increase it.

For another decrease or increase, add one click to stabilizer, two clicks to tire camber, and then one click to toe-in.

F1 Manager 2022 - drive settings
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 52

Straightaways can also be adjusted without affecting oversteer and traction by adjusting the front wing, rear wing and tire camber in one click, but this comes with a different gear in the corners so adjusting the toe is key here.

Adjust accordingly, make small adjustments as you go, and hopefully you’ll hit that golden sweet spot of 100 percent confidence.

Facilities and research

This all depends on personal preference when it comes to facilities required, as you may want additional engineers to help with research or additional team morale to increase board confidence, but there are two buildings we would recommend that you help you with your finances.

F1 Manager 2022 - Downtown Tour
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 53

First of all, upgrading the resort to the fifth level gives you a weekly profit of $33,000 for a monthly maintenance of $23,000, which means an average profit of around $109,000 per month. In addition to its renovation cost, you’ll easily earn a couple of million bucks from this building all season long.

Second, the helipad increases your team’s appeal and sponsor payout goals, which will increase the rewards of performance goals if met, which is well worth the financial cost. Lastly, a maxed out racing simulator installation increases your drivers weekly experience gain and provides a quicker way to earn development points.

F1 Manager 2022 - wind tunnel
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 54

When it comes to researching new parts for your car, don’t be afraid to spend all your CFD and wind tunnel hours in one sitting, as ATR periods may not reset until you’ve finished researching a new part. specific piece.

These periods can be seen within the calendar as a red icon with a graph representing three parts of airflow, and also within the investigation area after selecting a new part, which tells you how many days are left until the next reset. ATR period.

Putting the most hours and engineers into one specific part at a time can easily maximize your car’s potential for the coming season.

strategy tips

Did you forget to add a strategy to your pilots or did you miss the rain? Fear not, as it can be easily accessed and changed during a race.

Just click on the strategy view at the top right of the screen and you can adjust strategies on the fly and see the conditions according to the track and your cars.

This information is exactly what you would find in the pre-race section, so don’t panic if you find yourself caught in an unexpected downpour.

F1 Manager Strategy 2022
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 55

One thing we missed early on is adjusting the driver’s pace according to specific tire periods. You can change this while editing a strategy, which also gives you a prediction of grip levels as the race progresses.

This is crucial if you want to experiment with starting on the soft compound with an attacking pace and then going into the hard pits with a conservative pace target. Just remember to upgrade and select your strategy though, as your driver will appear on the radio and yell “Stop inventing.”

Perfect race starts

Now you’re in the top 10 with an incredible beast of a car, but how do you get the perfect start to almost every race? Instead of adjusting pace targets as the race progresses, you can set this before it even starts.

F1 Manager 2022: Pre-Race Pace Mode
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 56

On the pre-race screen, simply click on the driver options tab at the bottom of the UI and then set pace mode to attack, fuel usage to push, and ERS strategy to overtake.

F1 Manager 2022 Driver Options
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 57

This ensures the fastest launch you can provide to your drivers, which hopefully leads to quite a lot of position gains on the first lap. Just remember to turn them down afterwards, though, as you don’t want to be left in the dust on lap two due to a lack of ERS.

save regularly

This is the most crucial point of this game that we can recommend. Save your game regularly, either overwriting your save or making backups as you go, otherwise you could end up accidentally replacing your main autosave file when starting a new run.

Right now, there is only one slot for the autosave file, and it is instantly replaced each time you progress through the race.

F1 Manager 2022 - saved games
F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks f1 manager 2022 tips and tricks 58

When trying to load a different run, this autosave file is instantly overwritten with the latest progress on your screen, and your old autosave file is lost. Be sure to save regularly, so the hours and hours of progress invested in your team aren’t lost forever. Or not, if your name is Jüri Vips…

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