Expert tips to get more range from your Tesla

Just as cruise control helps you get better miles per gallon (mpg) on ​​the highway in gas cars, using Tesla Autopilot can help increase your car’s driving range (via tesla motor club). Essentially, Autopilot runs the car at its optimal settings and uses minimum throttle. Efficient acceleration and braking are better achieved by a computer than by a human – that’s the way it is. Your Tesla is smart enough to calculate and optimize its settings during daily commutes, especially long drives. But the situation becomes quite different when you encounter headwinds.

Headwinds and crosswinds can cause your Tesla to use more energy to maintain a certain speed. In this scenario, switching to manual controls and drafting, also known as skidding, in which you take advantage of reducing the drag of the car ahead, can give you better range – provided, of course, there are other cars on the road. .

Maintaining a 1-2 car distance can have a positive effect on your overall driving range. However, it’s important to note that drafting will involve getting close to other vehicles and you’ll need to be vigilant to stay safe. Slippery road surfaces, such as those caused by rain or ice, increase stopping distances during emergency braking, for example, making drafts more dangerous. If done carefully, under the right conditions, exercise can significantly reduce wind resistance and improve the available range of your Tesla.

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