Essential tips to keep your car’s air filter clean

Cars are an integral part of human life and play an important role in our travels. It is the main reason why most people around the world own at least one vehicle. However, car maintenance is essential to the smooth running and efficiency of a vehicle. Maintenance includes servicing, cleaning, etc.

Since the engine is one of the critical components of a car, you must pay special attention to keeping the engine and its components intact. Air filters play a crucial role in maintaining a vehicle’s performance.

You can visit to buy affordable, high-quality air filters for your cars. Here we will discuss some essential tips that you should follow to keep your air filter clean and intact.

Materials for proper cleaning of the air filter

Materials play a fundamental role in the cleaning process of air filters. The two essential components to cleaning an air filter are warm water and liquid dishwashing soap. These are some of the components that are common in almost every home. In addition to these components, the tools necessary for proper cleaning of air filters include a bucket, a vacuum, a screwdriver, and a microfiber cloth. All these tools and components and tools are enough to clean the air filters of a car.

Steps to clean your air filter

Many of us may not be aware of the proper procedures or steps to take to clean an air filter. Here we will discuss reasonable procedures or steps to clean an air filter.

Air filter removal

Properly removing the engine air filter can be a challenging task for new users. However, by following these simple steps you can easily remove the air filter.

  • Locate the air filter by opening the hood or hood of the car. Locating the air filter is easy since it is a box located on the top of the engine.
  • Loosen the air filter from the top of the engine using screwdrivers and other necessary tools.
  • After removing the air filter from the top of the engine, clean the concave surfaces of the air filter with a dry cloth. It will help remove dust and debris from the air filter surfaces.

These are the initial steps users should follow after removing the engine air filter.

Vacuum the air filter to remove dirt and dust

Dust and dirt particles not only accumulate on the air filter surfaces, but also on the internal surfaces. Since removing the air filter can be tricky and risky, vacuum cleaners can be applied to remove dirt from the internal surfaces of the air filters. The proper procedure for removing dirt and dust particles from internal surfaces is as follows:

  • Gently tap the air filter surfaces to remove dirt and debris adhering to the internal surfaces of the filter.
  • Using a soft brush, use the vacuum to suck up dirt and debris from inaccessible areas of the air filter. The process should be smooth. Otherwise, you may damage the air filter surfaces.

You need to follow the steps mentioned above while applying a vacuum cleaner to the surfaces to clean the air filter effectively.

Air filter washing

Cleaning the air filter is a challenging task and requires experience. Here we will discuss the proper procedure for cleaning an air filter.

  • Take a bucket of warm water. Mix it with a little dishwashing liquid. It will help to thoroughly clean the air filter surfaces.
  • Swish or gently place the air filter in the bucket.
  • Rinse the air filter surfaces thoroughly with warm water so that it can be thoroughly cleaned.
  • After completing the procedure, remove the filter from the bucket and shake it to remove the water from the internal surfaces of the filter.

These are the correct steps to follow when washing the air filter with warm water and liquid soap.

Air Filter Reinstallation

After washing the air filter with liquid soap and water, the last step is to reinstall the air filter on the engine. The process to reinstall the air filter on the machine is:

  • You must completely dry the air filter before the reinstallation process. Liquid soaps or water extracts on the filter surface can be dangerous and damage the filter’s performance.
  • Once the filter is dry, reinstall the air filter in its ideal position on top of the engine.
  • Fix and secure all screws, nuts and bolts to avoid problems related to incorrect adjustments.


Here are the complete steps to clean your air filter like a pro. The air filter is an essential component of the engine and must be taken care of in order to enjoy a smooth and trouble-free drive. If you plan to replace your air filter, you can visit Boodmo to purchase high-quality, genuine air filters at affordable prices.

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