Electric Scooter Charging Safety Tips: Here are easy steps to safely charge your electric scooter at home

Electric scooters are the future and they are slowly taking over fuel bikes. Like any other electronic device, buying an electric scooter is exciting. When it comes to e-scooters, we have to take steps to protect battery life to ensure its longevity. It is important to note that electric vehicles, such as e-scooters and electric cars, are also more likely to catch fire and explode. Maharashtra electric scooter explosion: electric scooter battery explodes while charging in Vasai, minor dies (video).

Like smartphones, electric cars and scooters can easily catch fire. There have been several cases in India where the battery of electric scooters exploded and caught fire. In a recent case of an electric scooter battery explosion in Maharashtra, a seven-year-old boy died while the e-scooter was plugged in for charging at his home in Palghar. In March 2022, the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter completely caught fire in Pune.

Here are some easy tips to safely charge your e-scooter at home.

1. Carefully read the manual provided by the manufacturer. The charge of an e-scooter depends on brand to brand and model to model. Some e-scooters come with built-in batteries, while others have portable batteries.

2. Before plugging in the charger, please let your e-scooter cool down and make sure it is dry.

3. Please make sure to use the original battery charger and do not overcharge the battery.

4. Charge in a cool and dry place. While charging, make sure your e-scooter is turned off.

5. Do not drive immediately after charging your electric scooter. Just wait a few minutes before taking a ride. The battery may still get warm after charging, so it is recommended to wait a few minutes.

6. Regular check-up and maintenance of your e-scooter is essential and puts you on the safe side.

In short, charging an e-scooter is not complicated. If you do it the right way, you will surely increase your battery life and performance. Follow the tips mentioned above and your e-scooter will offer you all the benefits and comfort you expect it to provide.

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