Electric cars: Electric car owners urged to be more careful during heat waves

Even simple things like turning on the air conditioning can reduce an EV’s driving range by 17 percent. This means that anyone planning to take a 100-mile trip during a heat wave will only be able to cover a distance of 83 miles.

This is because, according to experts, electric vehicle batteries deteriorate faster when driving in high temperatures.

With that in mind, Moneyshake has put together a list of tips that electric vehicle owners should follow when the mercury rises to unbearable levels.

leave your car in the shade

According to experts from money shakeHigh temperatures can decrease the charge of lithium-ion batteries found in electric vehicles.

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“In fact, you can extend the life of your battery by limiting the number of times you fully charge your electric vehicle.

“Modern electric cars and chargers often come with smart features that allow you to limit your charge, so we recommend using them when you plug in overnight.”

Use eco mode while driving

Most electric and hybrid cars have an eco-mode controller setting that increases their efficiency.

It does this by limiting the amount of power the car has for electronic systems and accelerating, for example.

Because the electric car will use more power in the heat, making use of this mode, especially on long-distance trips, will save the EV’s range significantly.

Mr Lovatt said: “Driving in eco mode will limit some features of your electric car, but it’s a great way to conserve battery power, which can mean fewer stops on long summer journeys.

“However, it’s important that you and your passengers are comfortable, especially if you have small children and pets on board and you don’t want them to get overheated.”

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