Electric cars: Drivers urged to follow specific electric vehicle charging tips to save money

There has been a recent increase in the cost of charging electric cars at public fast-charging points, which means that it is still cheaper to install a slow charging point at home, despite the increase in the cost of charging prices. energy. With all the turmoil putting pressure on motorists, electric vehicle experts at LeaseElectricCar.co.uk have mentioned the best ways drivers can get the most out of their car batteries and charge them more cheaply.

From 1st October 2022 the new cost to fully charge a 64kWh battery at home has risen from £18.37 to £22.22, but more importantly this figure is still £11.58 cheaper than expected. which would have been thanks to the new price cap.

Research shows that the cheapest time to charge an EV is overnight during off-peak hours using a trickle charging point installed at home, but there are also free charging points in some supermarkets available to customers .

There are several tips drivers can follow to extend and optimize EV battery life, such as driving efficiently and keeping EVs in a garage.

A LeaseElectricCar.co.uk spokesperson said: “More and more motorists are choosing electric vehicles over petrol and diesel largely due to the environmental benefits and because they are a cheaper option in the long run.

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There are some EV chargers that allow drivers to schedule a charge during off-peak hours, and getting a specific EV power rate can also offer cheaper options.

Although it is always better to check with the providers to see the best offers available.

Install a slow charging point at home

In addition to overnight charging, another way to cut costs is to have a slow charging point installed at home.

They are cheaper to use because they need to use less electricity to charge an EV; As a result, it takes a few more hours to get a full battery (around eight hours for a full charge), but this is the best cost-effective option. for charging at home.

Taking advantage of grants

The initial cost of installing an EV charger can be high, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of government benefits to help reduce the cost of charging electric vehicles. There are also benefits for businesses, local authorities and property owners.

The ‘EV Chargepoint Grant’ allows apartment owners and those living in rented accommodation to apply for financing of up to 75 per cent towards the costs of purchasing and installing EV charging points in the UK, providing up to £350 per grant. . Drivers should check the latest EV Chargepoint Grant updates to see who qualifies.

Efficient driving to optimize battery life

There are several driving tips that electric vehicle drivers can follow to extend the battery life of electric vehicles and reduce the frequency of charging.

Motorists should anticipate any road hazard or intersection to avoid sudden braking or unnecessary acceleration.

Drivers should also be mindful of speed, as higher speeds increase energy consumption in electric vehicles, and should also have a solid understanding of the air conditioning and heating systems in an EV and only use them when necessary. , as it will drain the battery.

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