Driving Warning: Drivers Urged to Take Extra Check When Driving in a Heat Wave

Temperatures have started to rise in many parts of the UK this week. With warmer weather expected to arrive, experts have shared tips for driving during the heat wave.

National Highways shared tips for those getting behind the wheel in the coming days, where temperatures could reach 40C.

Mel Clarke, director of customer service operations for National Highways, stated, “It’s crucial for everyone to plan ahead to be better prepared for hot weather.”

He explained that there are some things to consider before leaving.

“Simple steps like carrying drinking water bottles with you are really important to help you and your passengers stay hydrated, as well as checking your vehicle before you travel, including tires, oil and coolant levels,” the expert continued. .

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write important checks

Before traveling, drivers should check that their car is working properly. It is important to check the oil and tires.

Such checks should also extend to any caravan or trailer that is to be towed.

National Highways experts explained that this includes checking that the vehicle is fit for the trip and seeing what weather is expected on your route.


This includes water to help them stay hydrated, and sunglasses as well.

Wearing sunglasses can be crucial on sunny days.

Road glare can be dangerous as it can reduce visibility and make driving difficult.

However, National Highways experts suggested avoiding certain types of sunglasses.

They said: “Avoid category four sunglasses – they have extremely dark lenses that let in very little light and are not suitable for driving.”

“All sunglasses must be labeled with a category number.”

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