Driving Law Changes: New THINK! the campaign highlights the changes in the Highway Code: warning to the driver

The changes include clarifying the positioning of bicycles, emphasizing priority crossings for pedestrians and cyclists, guidance on safe passing distances and speeds when overtaking, and when opening car doors, the “Dutch reach”.

The Dutch Reach technique has been promoted by the Government as a way for drivers to protect oncoming cyclists and pedestrians from being hit by doors.

In the maneuver, drivers use the opposite hand to open the door, forcing them to turn their bodies and allowing them to see over their shoulders and through the rear windows at anyone approaching them.

Mary Williams OBE, CEO of Brake, said: “On behalf of the victims of the roads and all who use the roads, Brake is a passionate supporter of the government’s THINK campaign and its focus on driver behavior and protecting those most at risk, particularly people on bicycles and walking.

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