Driving Law Changes: Motorists Warned Of Massive Fines And Prison Over Viral TikTok Trend

Recently, “stealth camping” has become popular on social media as a new travel hack for people to try without traveling too far. The trend is for drivers to equip their cars with everything they need to spend a night in their vehicle, from foam mattresses to blackout curtains.

Stealth campers now share their personal tips and tricks openly on social platforms, including TikTok and Reddit as well.

Many campers turn to their cars for the comfort, flexibility, and savings benefits it offers.

However, drivers are warned that they could face heavy fines if they participate in the viral trend.

Sleeping in a car in the UK while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal.

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This is particularly important near major highways, national parks, or hospitals and schools.

Mark Akbar, CEO of Car Storewarned drivers to make sure they know the rules before “camping stealthily.”

He said: “Exploring the UK’s fantastic camping and outdoor adventures is a great way to spend the summer, but we would never advise drivers to sleep in their cars overnight.

“There are a lot of risks involved, such as penalties and fines, not to mention security risks.

If stopped at a highway service station, motorists should watch how long they are parked, as after two hours, they may be liable for a charge.

They should also be environmentally conscious by turning off the vehicle’s engine and making sure no other appliances are left on.

By turning off the air conditioning and any heaters, drivers can prevent battery drain.

Mr. Akbar also warned road users driving at night: “Never drive when you are tired, no matter how far away your final destination is.

“We advise drivers to stop every two hours to stretch their legs and get some fresh air, a soda and take a bathroom break.

“You need to plan for proper long layovers when embarking on longer trips, in a legal hotel, house or camp.”

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