Driving abroad: avoid hefty fines with these essential tips

With most covid travel restrictions now being lifted ahead of the summer months, those looking to take a road trip abroad should take note of some of the rules and regulations before they leave. Auto finance experts zuto has shared some top tips for those planning to drive internationally, while also revealing some of the weirdest things drivers could get trafficked for on the road.

Prepare your documents
Depending on the country you are traveling to, there are several documents you may need to make sure you take with you.

First of all, make sure you pack the relevant documents before you go on vacation, this includes your license.

It’s probably worth making sure your license is current before you travel to avoid any mishaps.

An IDP (International Driving Permit) may also be required depending on where you are traveling.

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do your research
Different countries have different rules and regulations when it comes to driving, therefore it is important to do your research before you travel.

In France, drivers could be fined for using headphones when behind the wheel.

Stay calm, drivers in Germany and Cyprus could face a fine if they are caught making rude or offensive gestures to other drivers.

Eating or drinking snacks in Cyprus could get you in trouble with the authorities.

Make sure you have fuel if you are traveling on highways in Portugal and Germany, as it is illegal to run out of gas on the road.

Bring a spare pair of glasses if you’re heading to Portugal, Spain, or Switzerland, as you could face a hefty fine if you need glasses and don’t pack a spare pair.

Traveling to Italy? Make sure you have the correct permits if you plan to travel through certain historic sites.

If you plan to rent a car, make sure you avoid smoking in the car, as this could get you fined in Greece.

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check your car
The last thing you want to do is deal with car trouble while on vacation.

To avoid this, make sure your car is up to date with their services.

Be sure to check your breakdown cover before you travel, as it may not cover foreign travel.

It is also important to check that the tires are properly inflated and have enough tread before going on a long trip.

Commenting on the investigation, Lucy Sherliker, head of customer service at Zuto, told Express.co.uk exclusively: “As many Britons plan to travel abroad in the post-pandemic summer months, it is important to be prepared. and understand the laws of the countries. You are travelling.

“Whether it’s to make sure you have all the necessary documents, like your license and international driving permit (IDP), or to pack all the essentials for your trip.

“Also, if you plan to travel in your own car, make sure you check that your car is up to date with the necessary services, as the last thing you want is to break down while you’re on vacation.”

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