Driver Warning: Motorists warned of a huge fire risk with plastic water bottles

It can be easy to accidentally leave bottled water in a car after going somewhere, like a grocery store or going to work. However, drivers have been urgently warned not to leave plastic bottles exposed to heat or they could risk serious consequences.

As temperatures rise, chemicals from plastic bottles can leach into the water, making it more dangerous when drivers or passengers come to drink it.

Plastic bottles can also increase sunlight enough to start a fire, putting your vehicle at risk.

To be on the safe side, it’s best to bring the water indoors and store it in the refrigerator, to prevent the heat from affecting it.

So keep water out of the car to prevent the plastic from getting hot and keep it tasting fresh.

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He said it was a mistake he will never make again.

Simon Moore, director of marketing for GSF Car Parts, warned drivers to be vigilant about leaving items in their car when temperatures rise.

He said: “As we experience this warmer weather, many people might leave various items in their car out of habit.

“Most of the time in the UK, our climate is mild or cold enough that leaving things like electronics, batteries and bottled water in the car isn’t a problem.

“But when it’s hot, it’s really important to remember to take these things out of the car with you, in case they get damaged or even explode in your vehicle.

“By getting these items out of your car and finding cooler places to store them during the heat wave, you’ll save some money by not having to repair damage or clean your car.

“So it’s worth taking note to clean most things from your car when you leave it parked in the sun.

“At this time of year, cars can get very hot, so be careful what you’re leaving out in the vehicle.”

Leaving a fizzy drink in the car can cause more than just a funny taste.

In 2021, a Birmingham resident left a bottle of Prosecco in her car in hot weather, only for it to explode, leaving her with a £2,258 cleaning bill to repair the damage.

The explosion occurred because some alcoholic beverages change composition above 25 degrees, which can cause wines and beers to turn sour, vinegar-like liquids.

As the chemical composition of beverages changes, both cans and bottles can burst due to increased pressure.

Other alcoholic beverages, such as liqueurs, can also change flavor and composition in a hot car.

The best policy is to avoid leaving alcohol in your vehicle for long periods in the heat.

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