Driver warning: Drivers warned of ‘havoc’ on roads due to heat waves: ‘Keep your car hydrated!’

With Britain experiencing temperatures of up to 40 degrees, drivers need to stay hydrated. However, the same rule also applies to vehicles, many of which could struggle in the unbearable heat.

Therefore, motoring experts have warned that the number of breakdowns in the UK could rise as mercury rises.

Motorists have also been reminded of the need to keep their cars as cool as possible to avoid chaos on the roads.

Scrap Car experts said: “It may sound silly, but when temperatures rise, it’s important to make sure everyone in the car (including the vehicle itself) has plenty of fluids.”

“While water works best for keeping human passengers hydrated, your vehicle will require a number of different motor fluids to keep it running smoothly in extreme heat, from brake and transmission fluid to motor oil, engine coolant and screen cleaner.

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Dan Gick, Managing Director of Scrap Car Comparison, added: “Heat waves and extended periods of hot, sunny weather can be a rarity in the UK, but we still need to be adequately prepared for when those glorious sunny months arrive.” .

“Extreme temperatures and heat can affect both the driver and the vehicle and pose significant risks and challenges.

“Not taking care of yourself or your vehicle on the roads in hot weather could cause you to have an accident, break down, or end up with your beloved car in the dump, which is why we’ve compiled our list of summer driving tips. safety tips to help drivers stay cool and safe on the roads in the sun”.

The tips are described below.

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To ensure you have complete control of your car’s pedals, be sure to pack a pair of ‘driving shoes’, as well as the summer sandals of your choice.

Maintain your vehicle’s air conditioning system:

Your car’s air conditioning system can be a real lifesaver during a heat wave, but it’s important to get regular checks to make sure everything is working efficiently when outside temperatures start to rise.

It is advisable to check the air conditioning system before the summer months, as it can be clogged and defective after months of infrequent use during the winter.

Don’t let yourself sleep in the sun:

If you’re driving somewhere after a day sitting in the sun, you might feel sleepier than usual.

Take regular breaks, drink coffee and take a nap if necessary, to avoid tired driving.

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