Dirty water is too good to waste, especially with a hose ban coming up

So, in light of all that, it’s a bit out of character to complain about the state of my garden. But a hose ban is coming, folks.

Was it really that wicked to fill my water can with a hose and save it for later? I don’t think it’s immoral, but I still took the precaution of doing it at 4 in the morning, when the neighbors were asleep.

On the other hand, who can sleep in these temperatures? If I’m not sweating like a Tenko extra, I’m worried about the cost of having fans in every room and the well-being of my planters.

Like so many other people, my garden is a source of delight. Watching my salvias wilt and fall down with scabies is really upsetting. Even lavender, planted this year, is struggling.

But gardeners understand that tap water is a precious resource, so how about a campaign to recycle so-called gray water left behind in the sink, bath, and shower?

I’ve been giving it a try. My dwarf pear tree in the yard is being sprayed daily courtesy of the sink and is thriving. I’ve been collecting bathwater for houseplants because I’m not (yet) enthusiastic enough to run up and down stairs with a bucket.

But there are many other ways not to waste water: when you turn on the hot water tap, put a bowl under it and collect the cold water. The same principle applies when running the shower.

Steamed vegetables? Wait for the water to cool down and then pour it over the hydrangeas. Rinsing wine bottles and yogurt pots for the recycling bin? Freshen up the dog bowl? Iced coffee and tea? Save that liquid for your thirsty agapanthus.

And if your family insists on paying for bottled water, don’t let them pour lukewarm leftovers down the sink; empty them on your ferns.

I’m sure Telegraph readers can offer some advice to newbies like me who want to keep their edges blooming with 50 shades of grey. Share your witty water wisdom and I’ll pass it on to you.

Do you have any tips to save water? Let us know in the comments

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