Classic cars do ‘less harm to the environment’ than modern combustion engines

Research from a specialized report on the classic and collector vehicle industry shows that compared to modern vehicles, classic cars are much less harmful to the environment. The average classic emits 563kg of CO2 per year, yet an average passenger car has a carbon footprint of 6.8 tonnes immediately after production.

Statistics in the extensive report show that the average classic car, which travels a UK national annual average of 1,200 miles, generates 563kg of CO2 per year.

By comparison, a typical modern car like a Volkswagen Golf emits up to 6.8 tons of CO2 even before leaving the factory.

The research study, james the footmanhe also claims that while a modern car would, in fact, be more efficient and use less fuel if used daily, the environmental cost of making a new vehicle outright cancels it out.

The Indicators Report also highlights the need for the classic car industry to modernize and diversify to keep the sector going.

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“It is clear that while new, modern, electric cars may seem better for the planet on a day-to-day basis, the problem is the impact of their production.

“Speaking to our audience, we are pleased to find that a substantial portion are concerned about the effects of climate change, and many would sign up for emissions offset schemes.

“The future of classic cars is in our hands and we must do everything we can to make sure they stay on the road.”

Two-thirds of classic car enthusiasts are already worried about climate change.

Some classic car drivers have previously called on the government to introduce a new class of vehicles to include converted electric classics.

Some 70 percent of drivers say that converted electric vehicles should be recognized independently on a DVLA V5C certificate, as a new vehicle class.

Many classic car owners have taken the step to convert their old vehicle and run it as an electric vehicle.

This is done by dismantling the internal combustion engine and running gear and replacing it with an electric drivetrain.

To date, only modern electric vehicles are classified as electric vehicles in the official documentation, the V5C form of the DVLA.

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