Car Wash Operators on Law lockdown?

Are Car Wash Operators and Petrol Station Owners Openly Protesting to Be Put Under a Law lockdown?

If you are considering a business in the auto industry then you must have wondered what is the reason that some car wash owners remain open and others close. Well, there are many different reasons why some car washes remain open and some only have cash flow problems. There are also car wash owners that just decide to close up for one reason or another. The good news for anyone who has been considering opening an auto business in a small town is that there are many more car wash owners opening up each year than ever before. The bad news is that many of these small towns will be under the threat of a carwash owner who will move his operation to bigger cities and make it a big business operation there.

So if you are in a small town are you afraid of losing your customer base if you are forced to close up shop? You don’t have to worry about that because many car wash owners will lease their equipment from outstations and will remain open. However, they will not allow essential businesses like car washes to be operated on their property. They will charge you a lot of money to use their equipment which is fine because they can’t afford to lose customers, do they? This is how small cities where there used to be only one or two “picks” will become large “rat races” where everybody is fighting for business.

One city, in particular, that is under a national lockout is Boston. Boston is a college town and because of the lockout; all the dealerships are closed. Now, even car dealerships are closing up shop because they can’t sell cars and lease car washes. If these car washes continue to remain open under a National lockout then they may be at risk of being shut down by a National City Lawsuit.

Why is this important you ask? Well, as I have already stated, because of the breakdown in economic stability, all essential businesses are closed and so those who are still employed are being paid low wages and/or suffering hardships in a slow economy. Is it fair for some employers to hire people and pay them low wages while they damage the city and put it at risk with a National lockout? Well, it is absolutely unfair for a lockout to affect the city and it is also causing damage to the American economy. It is not fair for anyone and it is also against the law. In this case, it is essential that the city of Boston enforce whatever laws were broken to ensure that everyone has a smooth go-ahead when it comes to running car washes in Boston.

The problem with enforcing a nationwide lockout like this is that it could hurt legitimate car washes in the process. Suppose a mommy business that had ten employees goes out of business because of a National Lockdown and all their employees lose their jobs. Well, there are other businesses that could be affected as well if a lockout continues and puts all those families that depended on the Mommy Business with unemployment. This is why I believe that a local, state or federal lockdown should have a cooling-off period to allow other businesses to get through the tough time without having to close and lose business.

I also believe that it is unfair that those who have the jobs of running those chains of car washes and petrol stations should be put through an unnecessary ordeal due to political whims. As a matter of fact, I personally think that it is downright disgusting that the politicians want to put the entire working class under a National Lockdown. I’m sure you’re as disgusted as I am and that’s why you’re here reading this article. That’s why I urge you to contact your local representative and demand that he or she passes a moratorium on any National Lockdown type legislation to protect the legitimate business in Boston. I certainly hope this article is of interest and that it has propelled thought.

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