Car cleaning tricks and space-saving tips to ‘have a lot more space’

Nicola Lewis, professional organizer and Good Morning Britain alumna (aka @estachicacanorganize) shared his best tips for saving space and making the most of your car’s interior. She has 10 tips, genius uses of space to make your car feel 10 times bigger.

This includes a clever glove box idea, which could save your time and also prevent the loss of items that are expensive to replace, such as a driver’s license.

Nicola joins Car Store to create an Instagram reel detailing your best car cleaning ideas.

Before it is posted on it instagram accounttold exclusively: “Plastic wallets are great for storing small essentials like copies of your driver’s license, insurance details, receipts, notepad and pen. Keep them inside your glove box along with your book register”.

This was one of a number of useful things to keep around your car.

Nicola said: “Keep a small coin purse in the side panel of your car to use when you’re at the supermarket or in parking lots.”

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Jamie Louram, Halfords car cleaning buyer, said: “While there is no penalty for having a messy interior, the mess, if bad enough, can also fall under the careless driving rule, leading to a fine. up to £100.

“As a general rule, keep your car tidy to avoid dangerous situations, such as things getting stuck under the brake pedal or blocking your view.”

Another car hack showed drivers that an unfamiliar button turns off the car and instantly reduces fuel consumption by 12 percent.

Now a TikTok user megan’s bubble has posted more car hacks. The last tip involves another button on the car that many drivers may not understand.

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