Two new Burson Auto Parts ranges have been launched

burson goes bigger on wiper
BURSON GOES BIGGER ON WIPER burson goes bigger on wiper 2

Burson Auto Parts, which claims to be Australia’s preferred trade supplier of automotive parts, tools, equipment and accessories, has introduced two new ranges of quality wiper blade products to the automotive trade.
The first is the Eyon Glide range of replacement wiper blade products, manufactured by Trico, a world leader in automotive wiper blade engineering, design and technology development.
The new Eyon Glide wiper range includes modern Beam Blade wipers along with conventional wiper assemblies covering the vast majority of vehicles in the Australian car park.
Burson Auto Parts say that the features of the Eyon Glide Beam Blade replacement wiper range include:
• Advanced rubber technology that provides a longer life cycle
• Symmetrical spoiler that reduces wind lift at high speeds
• Can be used to upgrade conventional wiper assemblies to more efficient Eyon Beam blades.
• Slim design to fit modern vehicles
• Cleaning element and UV-treated rubber housings
• Multi-fit universal adapters included to ensure easy installation
For service and repair technicians looking for replacement conventional wiper assemblies, Burson Auto Parts also offers a full line of Eyon Glide powder coated, galvanized and UV treated conventional wiper assemblies that also feature single blade increments. inch for accurate size.
Burson Auto Parts explains that these quality Eyon Glide conventional wiper assemblies are also supplied with universal adapters to fit most types of vehicle wiper arms for easy installation.
All Eyon Glide Conventional Wiper Blade Assemblies have been designed as direct original equipment replacements for vehicles equipped with this style of assembly. Corrosion-resistant materials combined with premium rubber inserts provide efficient cleaning and long life, and each Eyon Glide wiper assembly also includes a pre-installed J-hook adapter to fit most makes and models. .
Along with the Eyon Glide range of wiper blades, Burson Auto Parts also offers the trade the high value ONmech range of conventional wiper assemblies and replacement wiper blades.
Burson Auto Parts says the ONmech wiper range offers excellent performance and durability for 9mm hook, 7mm bayonet and pin-in-arm wiper applications, and is a perfect fit for older passenger and commercial vehicles with longer lengths. of wipers from 380 mm to 700 mm.
The ONmech wiper product range offers two refill styles, Twin Rail refills in 6mm and 8mm widths, or Plastic Back refills which are also available in 6mm and 8mm widths.
All ONMech replacement wiper blades can also be easily cut to required length and feature easy-to-remove metal rails along with durable stainless steel or Noryl polymer backings.
It is important to note that for the safest and most efficient wiper performance, it is recommended that you replace your vehicle’s wiper assemblies every three years and wiper inserts at least once a year.
These important safety components are subject to constant external weather conditions and, as a result, lose efficiency over time. The condition of the windshield wipers should always be included in any vehicle safety check and at each service interval.

For more information visit www.burson.com.au

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