Bicyclists and transit deserve more coverage: Roadshow

Q: Your column focuses on driving problems, but not everyone drives. I, and others, would be interested in a question and answer session that also includes more sustainable modes of transport. Why not talk about cycling? Many people in the Bay Area enjoy riding bikes, and not only for recreational purposes, but also to get from A to B.

It would also not hurt to mention the transit service. Focusing exclusively on cars seems to suggest that guzzling gas is the only way to get around, but that is not the case, and cannot be the case, if we hope to combat climate change. I hope you consider it.

Grant Brookl, San Jose

A: Your point is well made and I will address more sustainable transportation issues as they come up. Bike and transit questions come in, but still not often.

Q: What is your opinion? Does the effort to maintain our roads and bridges conflict with the goal of improving our environment?

California’s gas tax is now 53.9 cents per gallon. It’s never enough.

Governor Gavin Newsom is working to make 35 percent of all new vehicle sales electric by 2035.

What is the state going to do if most vehicles go electric? This will help the environment, but the lack of tax revenue will not be enough to maintain our infrastructure.

It seems counterintuitive to keep raising the DMV fee for electric vehicles. It will never be enough and will discourage your purchase.

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