What is the Best Contour Gauge For You?

Best Contour Gauge

Contour Gauge Profile Tool Car Repair & Specialty Tools What is the best contour gauge with ultimate accuracy and maximum safety? This contour gauge allows you to work accurately with maximum efficiency. The good thing about this contour gauge is that it has a special internal metal lock to guarantee a safe locking system on all the pins during the process. It has a stainless steel body with the contour gauge engraved on the top of it. The contour gauges are locked in the body with the help of a special lock that prevents them from being turned over by force.

This contour gauge has an exclusive feature known as instant template conversion. You can easily make a new shape instantly. This template can be used for many different purposes like; cutting, measuring, plotting, etc. You can convert the original shape into any other shape with the help of this innovative technology. If you are planning to buy a contour gauge, you must know the features that make this the best. These are discussed below:

The gauge has a unique drawing capability that allows you to draw the required data without any help. If you want to make a chart, you can make it with the help of this tool easily. There is an option to lock the drawing with the help of a click-lock. Also, the tool has a feature known as winding pipes and checking dimensions.

The tool is equipped with a large capacity electric chisel clamp along with an adjustable clamp. The adjustable clamp allows the user to adjust the chisel clamp according to the size of the wire to be clamped. It is made of hardened steel and has a spring-loaded clamp. In this option, the user can rotate the clamp in a clockwise direction. This clamps the pipe or the tube in an upright position. The clamps are generally used when clamping the curved contour modeling tools.

The long contour gauge has a tapered shape for making long and slender pipes or tubes. This has the special feature of using a non-slip ring on its base. It is made of hardened steel and has a tapered shape for making a long and thin pipes or tubes. With the help of this amazing tool, you can make any pipe or tube of any length and diameter.

In general, these contour gauges come with a two-clamp or three-clamp option. The two-clamp option has the ability to lock the head while the third clamp has the ability to unlock the head for making multiple adjustments. The locking mechanism is provided with a spring clip and the pins are secured with threaded pins. The locking mechanism can be done manually, electronically, or by using the provided spring clips. Some other types of locking mechanisms include self-locking locks, automatic locking mechanisms, manual locking mechanisms, and electromagnetic locking mechanisms.

The double-locking knob provides extra security to the users. The main purpose of the double locking knob is to prevent the process of resetting. Apart from the above-mentioned contour gauges, you can also find the magnetic block contour gauge that has the same head as the double locking knob. This type is useful for using flat and low-profile pipes or tubes.

The contour gauge duplicator is the most commonly used tool for making a contour to the shape of the pipes or the tubes. It works by the use of two rods and a shield. When a pair of rods touch each other, it will change the shape of the rod by X-Y position. When the rods touch a flat surface, the shape remains the same. With the help of a contour gauge, you can easily make a round contour to the shape of any pipe or tube by using the right type of tool.


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