BBC Breakfast presenter uncovers the dangers of live TV

BBC presenter Jon Kay asked Carol Kirkwood if she had any advice on how to remove bird droppings from a linen jacket after it was “splashed” live.

Kay, who was announced last week as the new regular presenter on BBC Breakfast from Monday to Wednesday, was presenting from Cambridge in a beige linen suit when the incident occurred.

After asking weathercaster Kirkwood for his best tips on staying cool during the heat wave, he said, “Carol, do you have any tips for getting bird poop out of linen jackets? Because I just got splashed by a pigeon… “.

As he went to clean the collar of his jacket and asked: “Should I go in with the wet one…?” Kirkwood suggested: “Try one of these baby wipes, it might spread a bit, but if you use a few…”

Hull-born Kay, 52, added: “It could get dirty, couldn’t it? I’m a bit looking forward to doing this. I also have another jacket, maybe we’ll go with that option for now and push the button.” cleaners a little later.

When his segment ended, he joked, “I’m going to clean my jacket and try to fix that, in the meantime I’m glad it wasn’t a swan, to be honest it was just a dove.”

From the studio, host Nina Warhurst told Kay that although it may not seem like it, “that delivery is considered good luck!”

Kay changed into a dark jacket after the incident to host the rest of the show.

Meanwhile, as the heatwave spreads across England, Kirkwood’s advice for staying cool was: “Stay hydrated, first of all make sure you drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and caffeine if you can.”

Speaking shortly after 7 a.m. Monday morning, Kirkwood added: “When it’s early in the morning, like now, open the windows and doors, let the cooler air in, but you’ll have to close them again.

“Close the curtains to keep out the hot air coming in, walk in the shade if you have to be outside, avoid the hours of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and don’t leave animals or people in locked, parked cars… I think. These probably would be my best advice, Jon.”

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