Aston Martin claims new F1 rear wing is ‘nothing special’ – Motorsport Week

Aston Martin has downplayed the impact of its new Formula 1 rear wing, saying it is “nothing special”.

The Silverstone-based team unveiled a new rear wing design in Hungary, which caught the attention of many due to the new curved tips added to the rear wing edges.

There are fears that the concept runs counter to what the FIA ​​was seeking to achieve by introducing the new cars for 2022, which was intended to allow cars to race closer together on the circuit.

Sebastian Vettel declared on Friday that the new wing was not worth a huge step forward in terms of the car’s performance.

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack echoed Vettel’s comments.

“When developing a wing or developing an idea, you don’t usually wait until the last minute to show it off. [to the FIA].

“We were in contact with the FIA ​​throughout the development [stage] to understand if this was something that would be accepted.

“Finally it was so for us it was the moment where we said ‘OK, let’s go for it.’

“I think it’s nothing special, it’s an interpretation of the rules. We developed the wing accordingly in conjunction with the FIA. That’s it, basically.

Krack added that he “wasn’t worried about a huge majority decision” against the wing via the F1 Commission, stating that the team will “take it on” in the future.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has hinted that his team is happy with the concept if the FIA ​​has deemed the design legal.

“I guess if it’s compliant, that’s the main thing. It opens up another avenue that is interesting,” he said.

“Maybe for once we’ll copy something from an Aston Martin instead of the other way around,” joked Horner.

Andreas Seidl, McLaren team principal, added: “Next week we will probably look at this layout and then decide if it’s a route we want to go down.”

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