99 Great Ways To Fight Inflation!

AARP Bulletin’s Annual Guide to Saving Money Provides New Ways to Cut Gas Costs, Utility Bills, Grocery Expenses, Travel Expenses and More, Customized for These Times

PLUS: Q&A with actor Ice-T; Overcome sleep anxiety; The truth about job posting websites; How to buy his first electric car; and much more

WASHINGTON, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AARP’s “99 Great Ways to Save” returns with a new collection of tips to help readers save money during this period of unprecedented price increases. With inflation hitting budgets, shoppers are looking for smart ways to cut costs where possible. This month, AARP Newsletters Personal finance experts once again share their best tips and tricks to help people stay ahead of skyrocketing prices before they hit the checkout.

In this special July/August issue, learn about:

  • How you can save on gas by improving your car’s efficiency and how to negotiate the best price if you plan to sell
  • Grocery Store Tricks to Cut Costs of Essential Foods
  • What you can do before you get to the online payment page to get the best deal
  • And much more!

Also in this month’s edition of the Bulletin:

Your Health

  • Overcome Sleep Anxiety: Do you often have trouble getting a full night’s rest? You may be experiencing sleep anxiety – worrying about falling asleep to the point of keeping you awake! According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, about a third of Americans suffer from periodic insomnia, and anxiety can make it worse. Read this month’s “Your Health” issue to learn how insomnia can develop as we age and how experts say you can manage it.

Fraud Watch

  • Beware of crypto criminals: In the world of fraud, making victims pay through cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular, despite its volatility. Not only are cryptocurrencies generally untraceable once they are transferred; many Americans also lack an understanding of how it works. This makes the use of cryptocurrencies ideal for scammers and risky for ordinary people. In this month’s issue, our Fraud Watch Experts provide real stories from people who have experienced cryptocurrency scams.

Your money

  • The scoop on online job boards: They’ve been around for decades, but job posting websites have likely evolved since the last time you saw one: they’ve gotten bigger, more customizable, and more serviceable; several popular services are now also owned by the same company. Read this month’s issue for tips and tricks from a career advisor to best use these sites to find the perfect job for you.

His life

  • Is now the time to buy an electric car?: With gasoline prices on the rise nationwide, it’s only natural that car owners are considering making the switch to electricity. Many manufacturers have entered the market for electric vehicles, making them much more common than they were a few years ago. In this month’s edition of “Your Life,” our experts give you several facts about electric cars for you to consider when shopping for your next vehicle.
  • Q&A with actor and rapper Ice-T: Ice-T, 64, tells readers of his journey from street hustler to rap icon to ‘Law & Order’ star. “Small decisions change the trajectory of your life,” he says in an exclusive interview with AARP Newsletter. Will Ice-T continue to make music? Will he still star in SVU? Find out in this month’s Q&A.

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