8 Gran Turismo 7 tips to get started with GT racing

Use these eight Gran Turismo 7 tips to help you master the tracks in all kinds of cars. Gran Turismo 7 will take you around the world to compete in many races, starting with low-end compact cars and working your way up to the most expensive and fastest GT race cars and supercars. With Gran Turismo 7 being the first in the series for PS5 consoles, there are sure to be plenty of newcomers and seasoned pros jumping on board, so here are eight tips to get you started on your grand journey.

1. Customize your difficulty settings to your level

Gran Turismo 7 Support Presets

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While Gran Turismo 7 offers three assist presets for players with different levels of racing game experience (beginner, intermediate, and expert), Expert may be a bit too difficult, or you may learn things quickly and need to increase the difficulty. These aids include things like driving line visibility, braking zones, and autosteer to help you get around a little easier. Obviously, the more assists you have disabled, the more direct control you have over your car. You will be able to push the car harder with full control, but you will have to deal with any mistakes.

Gran Turismo 7 ai racer difficulty

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You can also adjust the difficulty of the AI-controlled drivers you’ll be racing against, which oddly enough is represented by various chili peppers. This choice should be made right at the beginning of the game, but you can adjust the difficulty at any time in the “Options” tab of the GT Menu. It’s also worth noting that credit earnings from most races you complete in Gran Turismo 7 are not affected by the difficulty you choose.

2. Beginners should go to the Gran Turismo 7 Licensing Center

Gran Turismo 7 Licensing Center

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If Gran Turismo 7 is your first foray into virtual motorsports, the Game Licensing Center is a great way to learn the difference between throttle and brake. You’ll start with some incredibly basic training drills (literally just start and stop), but move on to racing lines, wet weather driving and more advanced license cornering.

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