7 Tips to Get Kids Familiar with Reading Ahead of National Book Lover’s Day

Since August 9th is National Book Lover’s Day, which celebrates reading and literature, it’s important for children to be interested in books even though the world is more digital.

With more kids turning to mobile phones and iPads to play games and access social media, it can be hard to engage them in reading, but it’s important for their development and maintaining their reading skills.

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reading together.

If you’re having a hard time getting your kids interested in reading, here are seven tips to help:

1) Find topics that interest them: If your child is a fan of cars or princesses, look for books based on those topics. Children are more likely to engage with a book if it is a topic that interests them.

2) Ask your child to tell you a story or write one: Another great way to help children learn to read is to have them practice their writing skills. By writing, they are exercising their literacy skills. Then ask them to read their story aloud to you.

3) Make reading a regular activity: practice makes perfect. The more your child reads, the better he will get. Setting aside time for regular reading is one of the best ways to help children learn to read.

4) Fill your home with books: Children are more likely to read if they have a choice. Dedicate a shelf in your house full of books where children can explore and read whenever they want.

5) Read to children: One of the easiest ways to engage your child in books is to read to them. Kids love hearing stories, and if you’re excited about books, they’ll love them even more.

6) Play letter/word games: Kids love games, so it’s important to make learning time as fun as possible. Ask them to spell a word or recite the alphabet, it will not only develop their reading skills but also their spelling.

7) Dedicated Reading Space – Create a cozy spot in your home that can be a designated reading area. Fill it with fluffy cushions and fairy lights and it will make reading more fun.

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