5 Questions with Jason Cammisa from Hagerty

Jason Cammisa is almost impossible to miss. It is a categorical impossibility for you to forget it.

The first time our paths crossed was at a Mazda event at (and around) WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca (née Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, née Laguna Seca) for a selection of mostly unremembered vehicles. I mistakenly assumed Cammisa was an asshole after spending an afternoon with her nose in my bumper while driving to the limit of my meager abilities on some public roads in Monterey County. I can still close my eyes and remember seeing his Mazdaspeed3 up close in my rearview mirror as he nervously tried to speed up a curvy, crooked, and occasionally cattle-filled stretch of road.

Later at dinner, and at various dinners, bus rides, and conferences over the years, I realized that Cammisa was quick-witted (and obviously quick behind the wheel), a little loud, and a lot of fun, and that she wasn’t really an asshole. . Even then, before her career as a host and video personality, her incredible knowledge and incredible passion for cars were evident within minutes of a riotous conversation over dinner.

Today, Jason has used his natural talent and obsession with research to build a huge following in digital media, but especially in video. His work for Hagerty is some of the hottest video content right now, period. And his back catalog of his written work contains one of my all-time favorite weird adventure stories (with Jean Jennings, Sam Smith, a limousine that barely works and prom attire…). Let’s ask some questions.

What car was the most important to you when you were little?

Familiarity plays a big part in what I liked, so that was mostly what was in our driveway. Over time, that included an AMC Pacer, Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser, Saab 900 Turbo, Peugeot 505 STX V6, Audi 90 20V Quattro, or Opel Kadett GSi. But the car that I wanted the most and that we never had: a BMW 325i sedan with an E30 chassis. I begged my parents to buy one – it looked like the deal, it was the best sounding motor I had ever heard, and I knew that every time it snowed, my mom would be floating sideways up the hill. Unfortunately I had to wait until I was 20 years old to get one, but it was 20 years ago this week that I bought my E30 325i Touring.

BMW E30 Touring by Cammisa

You have a ticket to go anywhere in the world with any vehicle. What are you driving and where?

Please don’t say the word “ticket” around me; I have about 100 PTSD cases in traffic court.

If it’s really a carte blanche experience, I’m going to tour Europe through the continent in a McLaren F1. It would have to include serious driving in the Alps, at least a couple of laps at the Nürburgring (because of course), a day of laps at a real race track like Ascari (the ‘Ring isn’t a track, it’s a one-way country toll) , long Autobahn, and then street parking in Paris. Because it would be fun to see Parisians try not to crash into a $20 million car when that’s the only way they know to park.

McLaren F1 Chassis No. 63

Tell us about a person, product or company that we should pay attention to in the coming year.

Rivian. If Rivian can get past the initial pains of bringing the R1S, in particular, into mass production, we’ll finally have a true competitor to Tesla’s Model Y. Driving the R1T was the second “OMG, this is going to change the world” moment. I have head in my career. The first was a Tesla Model S.

White Rivian R1S charging in the Rivian Waypoint charger

What is the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

my content. It’s really the only thing I’m working on, much to the dismay of my lonely cars… I’ve foolishly signed up for 78 pieces of Hagerty content this year: 48 episodes of The Carmudgeon Show Podcast; 12 episodes of revelations (which is my favorite to write and produce); 12 episodes of Replay of Cammisa’s last endurance race (which is the most fun thing to do); and 6 episodes of ICONSwhich is the product I’m most proud of once the pain of producing it starts to subside.

What are three cool items that can always be found on your desk?

1. An inordinate amount of research books for the Revelations episodes.

2. Tissues and lotion (because I have allergies and dry skin, pervert)

3. A DMV registration renewal form, because I’m a hoarder and having nine cars means a registration renewal every six weeks.

See more from Jason Cammisa on his very active and hilarious Instagram Y Twitter accounts And if you have an idea for the topic of the next 5 questions (or that person is you), send us an email at tips@motor1.com

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