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Online sales have come a long way since eBay sold its first item, a broken laser pointer, in 1995. Back then, the company was known as AuctionWeb, and it quickly became a popular place to look for collectible items like rare Beanie Babies. Today, there is no limit to the things that can be sold on eBay, which hosts 1.6 billion listings on its marketplace.

But it is not the only place to sell online. Craigslist offers free online classifieds in cities around the world, and Facebook Marketplace allows users of the popular social networking site to buy and sell locally.

All of these sites are international in scope, and selling online can be a way for people all over the world to earn money and declutter their homes.

“I recently renovated my house and there were so many things…that I sold on eBay and Facebook Marketplace,” says Meera Watts, who lives in Singapore and is the founder of Siddhi Yoga.

To learn more about making a profit, read on for tips from expert sellers, as well as some of the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay.

Tips for selling online

Even the best item can take time to sell online if it’s not marketed properly.

“Photography is very important, especially that first (image). It has to grab the buyer’s attention,” says Pinky Chong, founder and CEO of The Resale Academy. Chong began selling items from her own wardrobe in 2010 and now provides consulting services to those interested in a resale business.

Here are some tips from experienced sellers like Chong:

  • Correct item price. If you’re looking for the best price, you may need to do some research to value your items, but to make sales quickly, consider pricing products at half or less of the going store rate. If your price is firm, be sure to mention it on the list.
  • Includes many photos: As a volunteer at the historic St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Spotswood, New Jersey, David Decker has been successfully selling collectibles and similar items donated to the church’s thrift store on eBay. To create listings, he simply places the item on a table and takes photos without worrying about specific lighting or backgrounds. “It takes me about three minutes to do it,” he says.
  • Use keywords. To attract buyers, try to imagine how someone might search for your product and use those keywords in your listing. For example, instead of describing an item like a table, be more descriptive and add the type of wood or use a more specific term like coffee table.
  • List items separately. It’s best to only bundle items that are likely to be sold in a bundle, such as a set of related clothing or toys.
  • Eliminate window shoppers. Once someone expresses interest, try to answer questions and make payment arrangements via email rather than in person. This avoids wasting time with tire kickers who are not serious buyers.
  • Be honest: Both in your listing and in your conversations with potential buyers, be clear and honest about the item’s condition. “It’s best to say any problems with the article beforehand so it doesn’t become a problem later,” says Watts.
  • Do not hold items. It is often preferable to use a first-come, first-served method of sale. Buyers can and do withdraw from sales.
  • Request a deposit. If you’re holding an item, request a deposit through a payment service like Venmo to make sure the buyer is serious.
  • Completing transactions in public. For security reasons, conduct sales in person in a public place, such as a police station, church, or gas station, whenever possible.
  • Make online sales on the platform.. For online sales, Chong says it’s not uncommon for people to message sellers and ask to complete the transaction outside of the listing platform. This can be a red flag for a scam, and sellers will lose the protections offered by the platform. He also suggests using Paypal’s payment method for goods and services for added security. “Paypal has higher fees, but it’s still the best way to get paid,” she says.

13 Items to Sell on eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace

While new products can be sold on most online sales platforms, these websites are most often used by people looking for affordable second-hand products or looking for rare or vintage pieces.

“A younger generation of sellers and buyers is driving demand for pre-owned items, particularly in eBay’s luxury categories like watches and handbags, which are backed by the eBay Authenticity Guarantee,” says Charis Marquez, vice president eBay fashion.

In eBay’s Annual Trade Report, 80% of responding Gen Z sellers reported purchasing used goods in the past year and 32% of sellers who started in the past year identified as Gen Z .

Items sold on eBay are often shipped to buyers, although some sellers may offer local pickup. Meanwhile, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace have typically been used for local sales.

“I’ve had great success on eBay,” says Decker. However, he still uses Facebook Marketplace for larger items, noting, “I don’t want to try to ship an old desktop.”

  1. laptops.
  2. Glassware
  3. Household items.
  4. Fashion.
  5. Pet supplies.
  6. Articles for babies.
  7. Garden and special tools.
  8. Outdoor recreation items.
  9. LP and vinyl CD.
  10. Video game.
  11. Furniture.
  12. collectibles.
  13. vehicles


As people shifted to remote work at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, laptops were a hot commodity and continue to sell fast today. Technology ties to clothing as the most popular re-trade category, according to eBay. Before selling any laptop or electronic device, be sure to remove any personal or sensitive material.


Decker says glassware has been a big seller in his experience, but he’s not talking about backyard cookware. Instead, he has been selling vases, figurines and other items from brands like Lalique, Murano and Baccarat. “I think a lot of glass bowls seem to have great value,” he says. For example, a bowl by Rene Lalique recently raised $560 to support his church ministries.

Household items

Household items such as small appliances have also proven popular with online shoppers in recent years. Pandemic hobbies like baking have also meant the market is good for bread machines and similar products.


Clothing has seen a significant increase in demand as Gen Z consumers embrace the ideas of sustainability, saving and recycling, according to Chong. Some resale sites, like Poshmark, specialize in fashion, but Chong says eBay offers a broader reach and can be an easier platform to navigate.

pet supplies

Pet care products are another popular category. People love their pets and are often willing to spend a lot of money on them.

baby items

Since children grow quickly, people often look for bargains on baby items. Larger items like cribs and strollers can sell out quickly and can be used by multiple children. However, keep in mind that car seats have expiration dates that can range from six to 12 years after they were manufactured. Once a car seat has expired, or was in an accident, it should not be sold.

Special and garden tools

People have been spending more time at home over the past two years, and there has been a renewed focus on home maintenance. Unusual or specialized tools that are not easily found locally can sell especially well online.

Outdoor Recreation Items

Similarly, when people started spend more time outside During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a renewed interest in outdoor recreation items. These range from kayaks for adults to Power Wheels vehicles for children.

LP and vinyl CD

While streaming sites like Spotify and Amazon Music make it easy to listen to virtually any music at any time, some people prefer to have physical copies of albums. E-commerce platform Shopify says vinyl LP and CD sales saw year-over-year global order growth of 25,048% in 2021.

Video game

Old is new, and retro video games and systems are another best seller. They also meet the need of those looking for indoor activities to do at home.


“From my own experience, I say that home furnishings are one of the top sellers on these platforms,” shares Watts.

When he listed a sofa set and dining table on Facebook Marketplace, they sold out in less than two days. Although some online shoppers may be shopping to refresh their décor, others are looking for vintage furniture that can be restored and resold.


In its Retrade Report, eBay says there has been a “significant increase in sales of collectibles.” Baseball and basketball cards, vintage toys and trading card games have seen increased interest from buyers.

“People are missing that beer mug from their collection,” says Decker, for example. To complete their set, collectors turn to sites like eBay, which allows them to search the world for the items they are looking for.


New and used car inventories have been tight on many car dealership lots, so people are turning to private sales on platforms like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace to find a vehicle. There, they can find a wider selection of cars, trucks and vans and can also avoid dealer fees.

Just about anything can be sold online, but these 13 categories seem to be the best-selling items on eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Regardless of the platform you use, remember to follow the tips above for smooth and secure transactions.

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